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Digestive Disorder

Aloevera Juice + Unidigi Syrup + Aciuni Tab + Unilaxa Tablet

Combination of above is perfect solution for digestive disorder. Aloe juice works on liver health and regulate liver function which has main roll in digestion. Unidigi syp. Boost digestion and peristaltic movement. Aciuni & Unilaxa helps in Gas, Acidity and Contraption.



Aloevera Juice + Herbal Tea + Low Weight Powder + Obeuni Tablet

Obesity is growing disorder in India and also cause of B.P., Diabetes, Knee pain & heart problem.

Above combination works on metabolism of body. It also works on weight gain due to water retention, fatty liver, medicine side effect, hormonal imbalance, over eating habit & lack of exercise.


Diabetic Care

Diavera Juice + Herbal Tea + Diabigo Capsule + Dialert Powder

India is biggest country in world of diabetic patients. Diabetes is slow killing disease and causes multi organ dysfunction.

Above Combination helps to produce quality insulin by pancreas as well as improve absorption of blood glucose by body cells. If control blood sugar and also provide shield to organs which easily affect by high sugar.

In short period you will see reduce the symptoms due to high blood sugar.


Joint Care

Joint Support + U-ortho Tab + Peeda Nashak Oil

Joint pain is common problem in all age group but especially high in age of above 40.

Above combination is best Ayurvedic solution which gives strength to all joints and health of cartilage. It also work as vatnashak & reduce inflammation & swelling.


Ladies Problem

Nari Urja + Unifemo Tablet + Aloe Vera Juice

Today’s day’s females are doing equally hard work like men but because of malnutrition, stress they are facing many problems like anemia, menses problems. Above Combination provides nutrition; resolves menses related problems & hormonal balance.


White Discharge

Nari Urja + Luco Prakash Cap + Spiriluna Cap

White discharge is common problems in maximum females which results in weakness, irritation and infection.

Above combination helps in leucorrhea, menses problems and pre/post menopausal symptoms.


Mens Problem

Jeevan Raksha Syrup + MF-VITA

Mental stress and imbalance food is resulting into men’s various problems.

Above Combination provides, strength, macular power and men’s power.



Diavera + Uniarthra Granules + Peeda Nashak Oil

Arthritis is very common disorder in old aged people and especially in women’s. Above combination is Vatnashak and helps in all types of “Vat Rog”.



Herbal Tea + Jeevan Satva + Urjitam Powder

Low immunity results in recurrent infection of any diseases. Above combination boost immunity of human body and strengthen


BP and Heart Care

Unigarlic Treat + Diavera Juice + Herbal Tea + Omega 3 Cap

Above combination helps in heart function and provide strength to heart. It also regulate normal blood pressure.


Skin and Hair

Aloe Gel + HCH + Aloe Vera Juice

Above combination is very effective for all types of skin and hair disorder and also nourishes both which results in glow on skin and healthy hair.


Kidney Stone

Aloe Juice + Cholestrol Care Drops + Herbal Tea

Above combination dissolves kidney stone as well as G.B stones. It also helps to stop recurrent deposition of calculi.



Cholestrol Care Drops + Omega 3 Cap + Herbal Tea

High cholesterol may cause heart diseases. Above combination reduce total & bad cholesterol. It also provides strength to heart and arteries.


Child Health

Urjitam Powder + Jeevan Raksha Syrup

Above combination provide nourishment to brain and body. It enhances immunity, growth ratio and stamina in child.



Unirespi Tablet + Unigarlic/Omega3 Cap + Herbal Tea

Air pollution and lack of immunity is basic cause of asthma disorder.

Above combination is helpful in bronchitis, breathlessness and allergic asthma. Garlic treat dissolves dry cough which results in free air way and breathing.



Jeevan Raksha Syrup + Nari Urja + Peeda Nashak Oil

Paralysis results in immobility and dependency. Jeevan raksha syrup is neuromuscular tonic and enhances brain function while oil is vat nashak. Above combination improves mobility of all body parts.


Mental stress / Insomnia

Nari Urja + Urjitam Powder + Jeevan Raksha Syrup

80% diseases are due to mental stress. Above combination provides strength to brain and reduce effect of stress on body. Also gives mental relaxation and deep sleep which results in fast healing.