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Unicare Reusable Mestrual Cup For Women (1Pc)

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Reusable menstrual cup (non-absorbent bell-shaped hygienic device) made of medical grade silicone,to be worn inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid.

Unicare Menstrual Cup material: Medical grade silicone ( include elastomer, dye or colorant but not more than 0.5 percent)

The material is comfortable to use, dimensionally stable and resilient to rebound. The menstrual cup will go back immediately to its original form after a prolonged period of use. Material ensures easy insertion (easy to unfold in the vaginal cavity) and removal. Material has good tear strength and endures boiling, cyclic use and pulling out.

The cup creates a vacuum seal and is held in place by the walls of the vagina. Product comes with a protective textile pouch and user instructions. quality of the cup are declared by the manufacturer and allow in-use functionality for a minimum of 5 to 8 years


Healthy alternative to tampons & pads

Easy to Use

12 hours leak free usage

Convient Cleaning

Less Period Cramp

No toxic chemical

Rash & Itch Free

Swim,Workout ,Run freely

Huge saving on monthly pads expenses

Eco Friendly & Hygienic

How to use

Step 01- Clean
Wash your hands properly and take out the cup. Rinse it with hot water for 20 seconds.

Step 02-Fold and Insert
Fold the cup into u-shape. get in a comfortable position and insert it inside your vagina.

Step 03-Check and Wear
The cup should create a seal inside. insert finger into your vagina and gently press on side of vaginal wall. you are now ready to go.

Step 04-Remove and Rinse
Simply pull out the stem with a gentle pinch to release suction. empty blood into toilet and then rinse cup hot water for next use.



Get To Know More

I’ve never used a cup before. Is it hard? Will it hurt?

 Relax as much as possible while using it for the first time. The medical grade silicone makes it absolutely soft so that it doesn’t hurt when inserted.

How do I understand which size of Menstrual Cup to use?

Small Cup –

18 to 25 years of Age, low flow Unmarried.

Medium Cup –

25 to 35 years of Age with usual flow. Married & had normal delivery.

Large Cup –

Above 35 years of Age & having heavier flow than usual. Married & had normal delivery.

Is it safe to insert a menstrual cup inside my body?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to use a menstrual cup because they are made of 100% medical grade silicon

How do I clean my menstrual cup?

Wash your hands properly and take out the cup. Rinse it with hot water for 20 seconds.

Can using menstrual cups cause me to lose my virginity?

There is absolutely no such thing in medical terms as losing virginity by using menstrual cups. One can lose virginity only by having sex.

How many hours will it last?

It completely depends on your flow. Nonetheless, a standard duration of 6-7 hours can easily be passed.

How does the menstrual cup differ from the tampon?

While a Tampon is also inserted into the Vagina just like a Menstrual Cup, Tampons absorb the blood and Menstrual Cups collect the blood. After use, a Tampon needs to be disposed and a Menstrual Cup can be cleaned and reused.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18.3 × 7 × 18.3 cm
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