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Peeda Nashak Oil – Pack of 2

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From the daily , tiring pain of shoulder , joints and neck , a unique mixture of herbs is present in Unicare Peeda Nashak oil . With the experience of ayurvedic herbs , the composition gives a magical effect and releases the pain.

Key Benefits:

  1. Relieves Pain & Inflammation.
  2. Cures Joint Pain/Arthritis
  3. Beneficial in Paralysis
  4. Strengthen Muscles
  5. Strengthen Ligaments
  6. Provide Calcium to the Bones.
  7. Heals Wounds & Skin Diseases.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ajwa- All of which are essential in keeping your bones strong and healthy.
  • Camphor- Help reduce chronic muscle and joint pain over longer periods.
  • Cinnamon- Compounds have been associated with reducing joint pain.
  • Dalchini- Heavy antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Garlic- Help fight inflammation and may even help prevent cartilage damage from arthritis.
  • Joint Care- Ginger and is often used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.
  • Mustard oil – Improve blood circulation, relieving stiffness and promoting relaxation
  • Nilgiri- is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory by nature and has been found to be beneficial in relieving joint and muscle pain.



Unicare Peeda Nashak oil – an effective Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil that provides relief from pain, inflammation, soreness and stiffness without any side effects. It is easy to apply and gives relief from back, neck, joint and shoulder pain.

Unicare Peeda Nashak oil, a combination of herbs is good for all kind of muscular pain, body stiffness, sore muscles and joint pains. It is easy to apply by just gently massaging it on the part which is affected. when applied, the oil spreads & absorb deep into the skin, and activates its ingredients to provides relief from pain with a calming effect. This Oil Opens the Blockage of Cell Which Gives the Synovial Fluid to the Joints, Destroyed the Blockage of the Veins. For back, when massaged it helps to release the muscle knots and thereby help in providing Back Pain relief. It Improves blood circulation, may help to heal the injury and relax muscles for the knees and stiff neck.

All ingredients:

Ajwa, Camphor, Cinnamon, Dalchini, Garlic, Joint Care, Jyotishmati, Lounge, Mint, Muster oil, Nilgiri, Salakhi, Tarpin oil, Turmeric.

Direction for use:

  • Apply Oil Twice a Day on the Affected Portion, Spread the Oil With Fingers and massage it Gently.



Garlic is a spice known as “Rasona” in Ayurveda. It is a popular ingredient in cooking due to its strong smell and medicinal properties. It is rich in sulphur compounds that attribute to its various health benefits.
Garlic helps to manage weight by improving the metabolism of the body. It is good for heart health as it maintains a balance between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels due to its lipid lowering property. It prevents plaque formation and helps to widen the blood vessels thereby managing blood pressure due to its antioxidant property.


Cinnamon, also known as Dalchini, is a spice found in almost every kitchen.
Cinnamon is an effective remedy for managing diabetes as it improves the uptake of glucose in the body. It also lowers high cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart diseases due to its antioxidant property. It can also be used to relieve menstrual pain as it possesses anti-spasmodic property.
You can consume it daily by adding some Cinnamon bark into your tea or adding a pinch of Cinnamon powder in lemon water.


Turmeric is an ancient spice which has been used mainly in cooking. It is also used as a medicine in providing relief from pain and inflammation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This is due to the presence of curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is Katu  in smell and Tikta (bitter) in taste. Turmeric helps to balance Kapha due to Rusksh (dry) property. It helps reduce the symptoms of aggravated to its Ushna (hot) nature. Turmeric also has Varnya (good for skin) property which is beneficial in treating skin problems.


Camphor commonly known as Kapur, is a white, crystalline substance with a strong odor and a pungent taste. Burning Camphor in the house helps to kill germs and purifies the air as it acts as a natural insecticide.
Camphor consumption in small amounts with jaggery provides relief from cough due to its expectorant activity. It expels the mucus from the lungs and helps ease breathing.



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